Private Class

Please contact Maya at    858.848.5552.

Throughout Yoga’s long history, its theory and practice have been passed down through the one-on-one student-teacher relationship. This intimate connection ensured that depth of Yoga’s wisdom could be precisely and accurately transmitted to the student. As each person’s body type and goal differ, so do the challenges and obstacles he faces on the mat.  If lucky, a student only can receive a few minutes of attention from the instructor in a one-size-fits-all studio class.

Personalized Yoga sessions will:

allow you to see progress and mastery at a much faster rate

help to prevent injuries and unnecessary pain and discomfort

teach the importance of the subtle nuances of alignment

let you build a rock-solid foundation which will allow you to confidently explore a variety of yoga styles

focus on the power of Yoga to strengthen not only the muscles  but the internal organs as well

Yoga is a subtle science. Just as a rocket scientist’s minute miscalculations can lead to the ship widely missing its intended destination, so too can small misalignments lead the developing yogi down a path of pain and frustration. Maya’s precise and thorough understanding of each pose allows her to make the nuanced adjustments necessary to keep students injury-free as they reach toward the celestial heights of greater self-awareness and connection to the source of divine flow.