Aura has become a common term that is often used loosely to describe everything from a person to a favorite hangout spot. We often hear people say that the aura of a certain place is amazing or depressing. Though despite its popularity, the word aura seems to have become even more perplexing, as it is used rather offhandedly than looked into with the sincerity it deserves.


Simply speaking, an aura is a vital energy that enables us to exist. This life force, also known as pranic shakti, is termed as Abhamandal or aura. The Egyptians termed this life energy as Ka, and the Chinese refer to it as Chi. Those who are sensitive to energy can feel this force that is not just limited to humans but also animals, plants and other beings that dwell with us. Believe it or not, even the land we live on has an aura field.

Your emotional and mental well being contributes to your aura, which, if polluted or cluttered, can even lead to physical distress. In the yogic literature, we have five sheaths, out of which the second is called the prana-maya kosh that cannot be seen with physical eyes but can be sensed and felt.

Energy workers directly work with the auras of others primarily because healing this life force heals the individual holistically. The importance of aura needs to be understood if you are keen to take full control of your emotional, mental and physical well being. Just like we partake in regular exercise and focus on toning our muscles, similarly, we need to exercise our minds and our energies.

A strong aura not only helps improve your physical appearance but also gives you a magnetic presence. It helps you detect your negative thoughts, de-clutters your mind and eliminates toxic energies from entering your force field. Think of how having a strong immunity prevents any attack on your health. Similarly, a strong aura can steer you clear of many life and mind related problems.

The best part is that unless there is deep damage to your aura, you can strengthen your life force yourself through a disciplined regime. This includes regular meditation, breath-work, being in nature and having organic food in your diet. Most importantly, stay happy and observe your thoughts. Learn to let go of what does not serve your highest good.

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