Nandita Kaushal

An intuitive guide with a deep penchant for esoteric, Nandita developed an early connection to mysticism through her shamanic lineage. Being able to connect with energies and the spirit world easily, she developed a strong inclination towards studying alternative sciences and ancient world religion, culture, practices and philosophies.

A graduate of English Literature and a writer by profession, she has been part of the creative field for over 5 years. With a strong knack for exploring and delving into subjects, she takes a keen interest in studying the human psyche through her everyday interaction.

Being an inborn healer, who has been guiding and helping people since 2016, she has received training in intuitive sciences and the occult by renowned masters. She has studied a host of modalities, including Shamanic healing, Angel healing and oracle card reading, Intuitive Tarot, Aura reading, Crystal Healing, Sound healing, Mokshapat, Usui Reiki, Basic Astrology and more.

With a deep interest in Vedic philosophy, Nandita has found energy to be her first language. She believes that we all have a higher self and purpose that we forget or neglect under societal conditioning. All it takes is a small leap of faith to connect with that inner power and spark an inner transformation.

Prita Narayan

Prita Narayan was introduced to mysticism at an early age by her spiritually inclined family. With in-born healing gifts, she trained in reiki from the young age of 12. Her strong psychic senses and power of clairvoyance allowed her to connect with different forms of energies, including plants, animals and other beings. Strongly inclined to help and heal others, she realized at a very young age that her primary life purpose was to help those in need.

With a deep interest in ancient cultures, history, mythology and the ancient world, she went on to earn her Masters in Spirituality & value Education. An Eng Lit & History graduate, she also holds 8 years of experience with the Travel Industry and is affiliated with renowned travel companies. During this time, her empathetic nature enabled her to connect with people, and she played the role of a counsellor and guide for many.

Along with being a natural channel and guide, she is a professionally trained and certified Grandmaster in traditional Usui Reiki and various other modalities like Intuitive Tarot reading, Angel card Reading, Crystal healing, Mokshapat, Switchwords, Vaastu, Aura Reading, Basic Astrology, and so on. Delving deep into cards and psychic channelling, her guidance and predictions are strongly accurate and beneficial to many.

A firm believer in Karma theory, she considers life as a spiritual classroom where her core purpose is to empower others and help them improve the quality of their life.

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