Embracing True Freedom

Humans have continuously striven to be free, but the idea of liberation extends beyond physical bondages. Mental and personal freedom is often lost in the web of pre-ordained choices. A person born into a certain family adopts the surname, religion, ideology and even lifestyle of other members. They grow up in a society with its…

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How Healing Can Transform Lives?

In the current era, anxiety and stress have stemmed into our life deeply. Mental health problems have also pushed us to seek out alternative treatments, take counselling and also work on our lifestyle choices. Even in the case of physical ailment, a point comes when recovery is more at a mental level than the physical…

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Demystifying Aura 

Aura has become a common term that is often used loosely to describe everything from a person to a favorite hangout spot. We often hear people say that the aura of a certain place is amazing or depressing. Though despite its popularity, the word aura seems to have become even more perplexing, as it is…

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