My first reading with Nandita was in 2019. I found her to be extremely patient and a keen listener. She allowed me to explain my issues and not hurry through things. She listened to everything I had to say and accordingly guided me. Initially, it was hard for me to believe what she had predicted, but it all came to be true.

NehaBusinesswoman, New Delhi

I had my first reading with Nandita in October 2021, and it was spot on, all about an abusive relationship. She helped me with her guidance and the counselling sessions that followed post-reading. Nandita is an exceptional person with an amazing soul who knows how to connect spiritually. She calmed my soul with her soothing pieces of advice. I am very pleased and will certainly schedule again at a later date. She is a true expert and remarkable at what she does. I was blown away by her reading. The guidance that she has provided has helped me move forward more optimistically.


The years 2020-21 drew me closer to spirituality. I was tired most of the time and couldn’t think clearly. A close friend suggested I talk to Prita, and it turned out to be the most therapeutic part of the year. She guided me and assisted me in adopting a positive attitude toward everything that seemed to be going wrong for me. And, even though it was all virtual, it made me feel calm, hopeful, and at peace. Prita is a very warm and patient person; your relationship with her does not end with her session; she will remind you to calm down and look for the silver lining from time to time. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have known her.

A. MehtaMedia Professional, Mumbai

When I spoke to Prita for the first time, the connection was instant. I suffered from acute anxiety and was going through a difficult phase. After I talked to Prita, things started falling into place, and all her premonitions about my life eventually came true. When my judgement about things begins to dwindle, I lean on her to show me the right path.

AtrayeeDirector at Fleishman Hillard

A very insightful reading Nandita. Your guidance is excellent. Your advice is very wise and appropriate. Thank you very much. You have grasped my situation instantly, although I have only briefly explained it. Nandita, you are an excellent Tarot reader and adviser.

SumitaSenior Civil Servant

I have known Prita as a travel consultant and realized she was doing her professional spiritual studies and research. I was a non-believer and was not into spirituality. As a friend, I have consulted my professional and personal issues with Prita, which were creating roadblocks in my career to move ahead, also affecting my mental peace due to stress. To try out, I consulted my personal and professional issues both. As per her suggestion, I opted for Tarot reading which has shown me the way to many unsolved questions and possible obstacles in my life. With her angel guide and healing session, I instantly realized positive energies around me, which has helped me in my personal life and career. After this miraculous experience, I connected my few other friends to Prita, who were facing horrible times in their lives. Prita helped them with proper direction to solve their problem. Prita’s friendly nature and her professional studies & research in spirituality, Angel healing and Tarot, you will definitely get benefited.

MandarAirline representative

My readings with Nandita helped me see and analyze things I was unclear of. I can now understand what part of my career needs focus and what steps I should be taking. It helped me realize the past mistakes I have made that I was neglecting. She gave me a much-needed push to build my career and what presently needs more of my energies. The suggestions were also very well put, and I appreciate that it helped me understand certain decisions that I was too obstinate about and made me see a different picture to it that I was avoiding. She could connect with what I wanted to say and likewise guide me which I truly appreciate.

Nitin KananiCustomer Success Manager, Ahmedabad

Prita is a very strong healer. I am glad that I met her in my life. She has an aura of simplicity and spirituality around her, which always helps calm me. Her suggestions have always been meaningful and added value to my positive outlook and growth. Most importantly, she is focused on the happiness of people who come to her, and I trust her to guide me. She is never in a rush to finish a session and does follow-ups to find out about the changes that should have happened. Always approachable, that is the best thing about her. A negative aspect in a person is explained so that the person does not get offended and is ready to work towards a positive living. Both her Tarot reading and healing have helped me through this pandemic. I took healing personally for myself and my mom when she wasn’t well. It worked wonders in helping her to reduce pain and sleep well to a faster recovery. I would recommend her for both Tarot reading and personal healing without a doubt.

AnamikaEntrepreneur, From Kolkata

Prita was put in my path by divine timing. Her presence has a strong spiritual anchor that has helped me innumerable times. She has guided me in aligning myself through difficult times and has become a close confidante I trust. What I love about her is her ability to help people in a truly spiritual sense….and in their everyday lives to move ahead when faced with situations that deter you from living from your highest potential. She also happens to be an amazing person in general! ✨


Hey Nandita,
The past few days since I have been taking your guidance, I have genuinely felt a difference. You’ve not only help me express and realize my issues but have also guided me towards the right path. I am glad to have connected with you and I am hopeful that my journey with you will be fruitful.
Love ❤️

VrindaSocial Media Manager