Prita is a very strong healer. I am glad that I met her in my life. She has an aura of simplicity and spirituality around her, which always helps calm me. Her suggestions have always been meaningful and added value to my positive outlook and growth. Most importantly, she is focused on the happiness of people who come to her, and I trust her to guide me. She is never in a rush to finish a session and does follow-ups to find out about the changes that should have happened. Always approachable, that is the best thing about her. A negative aspect in a person is explained so that the person does not get offended and is ready to work towards a positive living. Both her Tarot reading and healing have helped me through this pandemic. I took healing personally for myself and my mom when she wasn’t well. It worked wonders in helping her to reduce pain and sleep well to a faster recovery. I would recommend her for both Tarot reading and personal healing without a doubt.